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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bestest Sport Ever


First, I would like to be the guy who lines up and pushes the stone in slow motion.
That - is my goal in life.

If I can't do that, I want to be the coach screaming, "Prepare the ice! Prepare the ice!"
That - is my second goal in life.
Seriously, does it not look like these guys are mopping for sport? I could do that, too!

Curling - bestest, most excitingest Olympic sport EVER.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Six Word Saturday - Burning Thoughts & Questions


"Today I definitely feel disgustingly blessed."

Six word question:

"What are you thankful for today?"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Death and Taxes


It's that time again.

If I don't post again within the next 24 - 48 hours,


go on without me.

What's your most dreaded task? In addition to cleaning toilets.
Unless you're lucky enough to have a maid who cleans your toilets in which case...
you are the despised one.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can You Handle Tuesday's Deep Thought?

What's After 29?

Grab the button and post your "Tuesday's Deep Thought". Leave a comment to let me know and I'll add a link to your post.

Tuesday's pondering thought: Do you blog for yourself or for your readers?

I began blogging first about my art. Now that is my business blog and I started it to, I'll admit, attract business. I am, after all, in business. But (and this is a big but) I eventually realized that if you don't enjoy blogging, you'd better get out. ("business" is homage paid to a blogging "friend" who's dealing with a tempermental commenter)

The other blog was begun mainly as a way to vent and write and hopefully gain cheap therapy as a parent of a chronically ill child. I ended up meeting so many wonderful people.

I began What's After for sheer fun. That's it - just fun.

In a nutshell, I love to write. I LOVE to nitpick and design blogs. I LOVE the graphics. I LOVE the creative outlet. I LOVE the cheap therapy. Mostly, I think that I LOVE the people I've met and interacted with.

How about you? Why do you blog - honestly?

Have you had to deal with problems? Why What are they?

How have you dealt with them? Tell me. Tell me.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dreams of a Smart #$$


It's almost time.

Smart Ass, because of a combination of illnesses, attitude, and accidents will finally, at over 17, be getting her driver's license soon. Fair warning to the city of Atlanta and surrounding counties.

S.A. is begging for an uber cool Jeep Wrangler. Yeah.


More accurately speaking...


He's On a Horse

I'm giving credit where credit is due. Found it on Hope Studio's blog and it is just TOO funny to ignore. Enjoy the man on the horse for your Sunday entertainment.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Six Word Saturday - Burning Questions


Do I have to clean today?

and perhaps more importantly...

Can Tiger Woods truly be reformed?

or perhaps most importantly...

Does anyone really give a flip?

Friday, February 19, 2010



{this is what loiters do with random letters in Anthropologie}
{Can you tell we were hungry?}

Yesterday we had our quarterly trip to the neurologist so that they can collect their insurance money, give us a wink and a nod, and send us on our merry way.

Lucky for us (Smart Ass and myself) the doctor's office is down in the "big city" and there's no freaking way we're wasting a trip. The so-called doctor is only minutes from one of the many wonderful malls of Atlanta.

S.A. and I had a wonderfully healthy lunch at ChickfilA. She, with her gluten-free waffle fries and salad and I with my... nevermind.

S.A., being the ever observant teen that she is, forgot her Christmas gift cards to Sephora and Anthropologie. She gazed at me longingly as if I would buy her what she wanted, vowing that she'd hand over said gift cards when we returned home.

Two rules:
First, I'd forget to collect said gift cards and Smart Ass knows this.
Second, I tried to explain the concept of "this would mean I'd be spending double" to her, but either it didn't sink in or it did and she played dumb.

Either way, it was a spring planning trip - no purchasing.
It was FUN. Smart Ass has a different take, but she's not the important one here.

When we got home I convinced S.A. to model for me (YAY!).


{wonder if anyone would believe this is the body of a 48 year old woman. didn't think so}


{sophie, patiently waited for her turn to pose for the camera}

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

he says, she says

A husband asks his wife,
"You never argue when I get mad at you.
How do you always control your anger?"
"I clean the toilet," she replies.
"How does that help?" he says.


"I use your toothbrush."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

speaking of coffee...

Speaking of coffee, this morning the kitchen beckons me (as it does every day) with the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee. This is not just your regular everyday Maxwell House. Over the years, the BSer and I have become quite the coffee freaks connoisseurs.

We order the beans green from a wonderful fair trade coffee site, roast them with our handy dandy coffee roasting machine,


and finally bottle them in our mason jars.


speaking of coffee, I walk into the kitchen this morning, smelling the coffee, walk by to feed the dog, then turn around. Not only had the dog thrown up at some point during the night (no thanks to the BSer feeding her beef stew. Ew) but there was a puddle of coffee on the floor, down the side of the counter, and all over the counter. Needless to say, it was NOT in the pot.

Our second coffee maker in a year - kaput.

So, BSer and I, ever the coffee addicts head to the basement to find our old coffee maker - kept in storage for just such an emergency. We used a ladder and searched the vast wall of crap without finding said CM. Feeling truly defeated, we slouched upstairs thinking, "Well what the hell are we going to do now?"

Known for thinking on my feet, I then found said CM in the first cabinet I searched while simultaneously avoiding the evil gaze of the BSer.

And that was the end of our coffee adventure.

In my mind, the stage had been set for a pretty crappy day in general.

But then...

I walked outside and found this...


The day has been perfect ever since.

Monday, February 15, 2010

ode to coffee and wine


I have to tell you something.

I absolutely, positively love coffee - really, really love coffee.
I probably love coffee more than anything.
Except my husband - and God.
God, then my husband, then coffee, THEN my kids.

Except wine. I love wine.
Absolutely, positively love wine.
Then, no, let's see...
God, then my husband, then coffee, then wine, THEN my kids.

Reprint of 7/26/09 post here

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hoping Your Day Is Purrr-fectly

cuddly and lubbable. meow.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Be Inspired...

The "We Are The World video. Watch the entire thing and be inspired.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Hair Trilogy

This is absolutely the last time I talk about my hair - this month.

You may have read my first little adventure, and then maybe the second story of modern forms of torture.

Today the adventure ends. And for you men who've never seen this or for you women who have been blessed with gorgeous locks, I apologize. For the men, you may want to avert your eyes with the first picture and for the women, I hate you.

This is what it took (and I would only show this to my dearest friends).


End result : Attempt #1


Attempt #2


This one took.
I'm no longer orange, and yes...

it takes a village.


The end.

And once again they were wrong. I don't look twenty years younger and I'm still stuck with these cursed reading glasses. So much for hair miracles.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Touchdown! Red Letter Day! Woo Hoo for Lazies Everywhere!

Photo credit: Nataliedee

Woke up this morning. Had the coffee. Sent the BSer off. Yelled at Smart Ass. Day's looking good so far.

I paid a few bills, thought about the spinner downstairs, thought about the Bowflex downstairs and that cushy mat waiting for crunches. I thought... and thought... so...

I went upstairs and headed into the studio. It began to rain. Poor BSer is going to a business thingie tonight and tomorrow he's hobnobbing with a bunch of other BSers while skeet shooting at a skeet shooting resort. I thought about the rain and how fun that would be. ...mkay... Give me a shout out if you've heard of a skeet shooting resort.

Anyway, I sat in the studio and stared. I tried to organize, plan, sketch... nothing.

The torture chamber in the basement called my name. I ignored it.


I gave up...


I took a shower. Didn't put on makeup. Put on my sweats - the disgusting ones.

And just like that...

The decision was made.

I popped a bag of popcorn, grabbed a Diet Coke, and checked the TV listing.

Most importantly...

I did this with absolutely NO GUILT! This never happens - even on the weekend!

It's great!

Now, if I can only survive American Idol and the rigors of laziness until bedtime.

*Photo credit: Nataliedee

Rain, Motivation, and Rain



Hot Tea On Demand


Loving my Moleskin planner and the fact that I have no appoints today


Think I'm going to do a little of this.

Ever had one of those days?

Monday, February 8, 2010

What We Did

I hope that the football-watching readers enjoyed the Superbowl last night. We did. Go Saints!

I was supposed to work with my new Photoshop program. Instead, I watched the football game while simultaneously looking through magazines for ideas on how to paint this. (Eee!) It irritates the BSer to no end that women are SO capable of multi-tasking.

Traditionally, on Superbowl Sunday we consume way too much junk food. See, here's the thing. If you schedule it for a particular day, like Superbowl Sunday, it's calorie-free, fat-free, and guilt-free. I'm not sure how it works, but it does. Trust me. :)


{This is Smart Ass balancing a plate of roasted peanuts on
Oreo, the sleeping, practically catatonic cat.}


{This is Smart Ass trying to look elegant while
feeding Sophie, the begging dog, and irritating
Oreo, the sleeping, practically catatonic cat.}


{This is the prelude to one fierce dog/cat fight.}

Oh, the other thing is that you HAVE to eat this on the sofa. Eating at the kitchen table would ruin the ambience and, well, it would just be wrong.

This is what we had and remember, we don't hate people who eat guilt-free junk food once a year. We had barbecued chicken wings (protein), margarita pizza (fruits & veggies), Smart Ass had her gluten-free bbq chicken pizza which she copies from the California Pizza Kitchen recipe, (I had a salad because even though I SAY it's guilt-free, I was born with guilt), roasted peanuts (more protein), strawberries dipped in chocolate (fruit and chocolate, which defies all catagories), and finally milkshakes (calcium). I know. It's enough to send anyone to the hospital. But if you do it in moderation, you come out of it quite refreshed!

As for the California Pizza Kitchen recipe... Here's what we do. S.A. uses her favorite gluten-free pizza crust and tops it with GF BBQ sauce (we use Kraft), mozzarella and smoked gouda cheese, sliced red onions and shredded, cooked chicken. That's it. Sounds a little odd, but take my word, you'll love it.

Have a great week! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

What Will YOU Be Doing...

...during the Superbowl? Before? After?


Why thank you for asking! I'm going to sit with the BSer and Smart Ass (who, thank the Lord in heaven, loves football which is why she seems to attract so many boys, especially the undesirable ones.) as they watch the game. I may throw in a little "woohoo" or "ahhh" every now and then. But as I'm sitting there nibbling on way too much junk food for three people, I'm going to play with THIS:


Visual Lori here needs pictures and easy instructions to understand things. I've tried figuring out the new Photoshop Elements with online tutorials, etc. and still somehow managed to completely delete my iphoto program. Uh-huh - that's what I'm saying, deleted - not just the pictures but the entire program. BSer asked me how the heck I could do such a thing. It's because I didn't have the book.

So, after this weekend, my photos posted here and here and here and here and here will knock your freaking socks off. (okay, I need to get a life)

Maybe that's a little ambitious. At least I will know the basics for the Photoshop Elements for Mac computer-challenged. And never again will I delete iphoto. :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Modern Forms of Torture

Yesterday, I told Smart Ass that I would love to live in a society where women don't need to paint their faces or color their hair. This special place won't care what our bodies look like or how we dress. I've also said this to the BSer as I watch him shower, dress, shave, and walk out the door in less than five minutes. It's a shame - a bloody shame. That's what I thought to myself as I rode this sucker today to, well, nowhere.


You cannot possibly tell me that this doesn't look like a torture device.
The room looks pretty "Silence of the Lambs" too, doesn't it?)


I'm still trying to dig myself out of the torturous hair-coloring escapade.
See, it's says it's CLINICALLY PROVEN to work.


It sure is pretty in the store and fun to buy.
But, why oh why do we have to do this?
Think of all the chocolate and chick flicks the saved money would buy!


Paint brushes.
That's all they are, ladies. Head to your local art department and pick up a few.
Yeah...they're mine.


The piece de resistance...
Torture, pure torture
But aren't they pretty?


Wednesday, February 3, 2010



So we're riding along today on our way to the gastroenterologist talking about Valentine's Day.

Smart Ass: "Forget the roses. Give me food."

Oh the irony.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ben Stiller and the Slacker

Ben Stiller's not the slacker - I am. I haven't written since Friday! OMG!! Bad, bad, blogger. I've been too busy trying to figure out how to get the orange out of my hair.

Okay, so I know everybody's hitting everybody else up to donate the big OR small bucks for Haiti, right?

This is one worth paying attention to. Just sayin'

You can click on the link in my sidebar for more info and to, yes, donate.

believe it or not...

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