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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If I Had Only Known


We have all been there.


In the know, or lack there of. Unfortunately "the know" came a little late, right? The know is a special, wise, learned place which only comes with age and experience. When we were 15, 16, 18, 21, just think how much easier our lives would have been if we only knew.

So today's thought is (and I could write a novel on this topic)...

If I had only known ___________________.

I'll go first and let me preface this by saying that shallow is okay.
Deep is okay. Whatever floats your boat and comes to mind is...


If I had only known...
that they really DO eventually give up their blankies and pacifiers. Seriously, how many thirty year old men have you seen walking around with a pacifier? Don't answer that.

Deep thought?

If I had only known...
that, like the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, I really DO have a brain.

Okay, think deep thoughts. Think shallow thoughts. Just think.

Your turn.

If I had only known _________________.


blueviolet said...

If I had only known my dad would die that day, I would have told him I loved him even more than I did.

Lori said...

I know how you feel. I feel the same about my dad. But somehow I think that they know. :)

Sue Jackson said...

Ooh, yours are good! I'm pretty much brain dead tonight - this first week of school has done me in. At least Ken took Jamie out to get school supplies so I didn't have to.

Uh, where was I? See? Brain dead.

Hmmm...I'm really not one to have regrets in life, so this is a tough one.

If I had only known I'd become debilitated at age 37...but what would I have done differently? I lived a pretty full life up until then.

I like what Blueviolet said. If I had known I would lose so many family members, I would have spent more time with them - talking and really listening to their old stories....but I'm glad I made the effort I did to visit as often as I could.

Sorry for the jumbled rambling of random's all I can manage tonight!


ella said...

If I had only known how difficult it was to be a mother, I'd have stopped with one.

ella said...

If I had only known how difficult it was to be a mother, I'd have stopped with one.

believe it or not...

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