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Friday, April 9, 2010


oh get your mind out of the gutter. i'm lusting, for this..


never cared for it before. i have a hard enough time seeing those tiny letters and even smaller buttons. but when i heard that you could turn your lights off remotely...

i was hooked, baby!
plus it's more classy than the clapper.

next week it'll be the ipad - after i get over the sanitary thing.


Matty said...

I bypassed the iPad, and got a netbook.

blueviolet said...

Now I'm lusting too! Dang it all!

blue moss said...

i totally did not want an ipad when i heard about it...just couldn't get past the awkward name.
but, now that i've seen it...i'm totally lusting over it :)
so glad you came for a visit!
love your fun blog

Sue Jackson said...

Yes, I'm drooling over all of Apple's products, too. My poor old iBook is so old, it's barely holding on, but the new ones are so expensive!

I have a good friend whose whole family has iPhones - they LOVE them. Craig got an iPod Touch this winter - basically an iPhone without the phone. It's his most prized possession.

I better wipe the drool off my keyboard before I short out this poor old thing...


believe it or not...

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