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Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Here, It's There, It's Everywhere


{ the buds are beautiful. the flowers, glorious. }

...but that's not what I'm talking about...


{ it covers the car }


{ it covers my porch }


{ it covers the door handle }


{ heck, it even covers the dog - who has allergies - and licks herself }

pollen, that's what I'm talking about.

{ cough }

{ snort }

{ wheeze }

{ sneeze }


blueviolet said...

It's true! The greenish dust fills the earth right now!

Stereos and Souffles said...

I'm ready to crawl out from under this yellow blanket already.

Matty said...

It won't be long before I'm sneezing myself.

Iva said...

oh gosh!! Its really so terrible!!! My son has really HORRIBLE hay fever and he is only 3!! I am so sorry!! Its such a rough time allergy season!!

Simone said...

Hey Lori, thanks for your nice post on theNewNew blog about my embroidery tutorial. I love the theme of this blog.

Jennifer Juniper said...

My new car is black and now it has taken on this strange greenish color with all the pollen!

Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Lori -

After a week of trying to catch up on blogs, I finally made it to the W's! Now I'm a week behind on the beginning of the alphabet...sigh.

Allergies are killing me this week!! I was fine down south on vacation, but within 30 minutes of arriving in Delaware, my allergies went crazy. My eyes are so watery and sore I had to leave my contacts out today. I hate wearing glasses! Front page of yesterday's paper said it's one of the worst allergy seasons in history. Ugh.

OK, enough whining...I'll see what else I missed...


believe it or not...

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