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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Happy Saturday!

I hope your Saturday has been splendid so far. I have a little announcement for you, my What's After 29? buds. On my other blog, having to do with my actual occupation, (what? you think I'm just a fabulous writer 24/7?) I am hosting a giveaway for the sweetest, most eco-friendly, and totally rad (yes, I can use that word because I'm over 29) reclaimed leather wristlet. For the men out there, a wristlet is like a small purse and your wife/girlfriend would be most impressed if you won it and said, "here honey, I got this just for you". So, what do we do? We march ourselves over to my other place pronto to enter.

waterstone lori plyler reclaimed leather wristlet giveaway

Isn't it cute?

waterstone lori plyler reclaimed leather wristlet giveaway

I like to call it my...
Reclaimed Leather Soft as a Baby's Butt Wristlet.
Okay, so I need to work on my titles. Sue me.

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