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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shopping for a Prom Dress

shopping for a prom dress
{ not daughter or her dress }

Dear Smart Ass,

When crammed into a 4' x 5' dressing room with your mother for three hours while shopping for a prom dress and trying on 30+ dresses, brace yourself against the wall and prepare for a complete break down with an exhausted mom doesn't get it when you say, "You know, I want something 'prommy' but it needs to be 'different, unique'."

Just saying.


Matty said...

Ya just gotta love a teenage girl. Don't ya know the dress has to be "perfect".

Sue Jackson said...

Ah, sometimes it's nice not to have girls. Jamie wants to get in and out of stores and dressing rooms as fast as possible! In fact, he'd prefer not to go at all, but he's growing so fast I don't always know his size anymore.


Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha --loved this. My 12 year old daughter is just getting into "fashion" and getting more and more picky with her clothes. I dread prom time in the future. What's a mother to do but button her lip and veto any truly hideous and inappropriate choices, right?

believe it or not...

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