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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Officer Said, “Ma’am, I Think Your Car Is Jinxed.”

Yes, I'm still working my tush off. Trying to get ahead in preparation for a visit to N.C. this weekend. Lately I've been speaking of cars, so in honor of keeping the thought fresh, I'm reposting a little something I wrote last year.

The Officer Said, “Ma’am, I Think Your Car Is Jinxed.”

Ever feel like something in your life is jinxed? I’m a religious person and, in general, we aren’t supposed to believe in those sorts of things. My thoughts, however, are beginning to change.

I love my little Toyota Rav4. We purchased it new in 2002, opting for a manual because it would be more fun for me. The car has not let me down. It has absolutely NO power, but being a girl who just loves all things CUTE, I don't really care how fast I go.

Unfortunately, the tide began to turn a couple of years ago when BSer was involved in an accident on a one-lane dirt road, far into the woods of Virginia. He damaged my baby! I forgave him and we quickly had it repaired.

ONE year later, BSer is taking my car to the airport at dusk one morning to catch a flight. (seeing a pattern?) Unfortunately, some deer must have been heading to the airport as well because the two collided. See Exhibit “A” below:

Exhibit "A"

Fast forward to THIS PAST November. (This is something we rarely discuss at the dinner table or any other time as it’s still a very sensitive subject.) Smart Ass had just gotten her learners permit and, well, let’s just say that she had a little trouble shifting and steering at the same time. See exhibit “B” below:

Exhibit "B"

I was in the passenger seat when Exhibit “B” occurred. It happened in slow motion, literally, and a stream of words poured from my mouth the likes of which I didn't know existed.

Fast forward to LAST Friday. I pick Smart Ass up from school and head to Target. We are sitting at the stop light, on the highway exit ramp when suddenly we’re thrown forward. See exhibit “C” below:

Exhibit "C"

Simply CAN NOT believe this has happened. My cute little car now has only one good side, excluding the roof. Anyway, as one officer is writing the report, his partner walks around my car and proceeds to say, “Ma’am, I think your car is jinxed.” I laugh and he looks at me, dead serious, and says, “I’m not kidding. That stuff happens, ya know.”

{ my poor baby. may she rest in peace. }

Last Saturday Jeff and I spent the day car shopping.


Matty said...

Yeah, I'd say there's something up with that one. As much as we love our cars, sometimes the time for change is here. I think your time has come.

Sue Jackson said...

Aw, poor little blue car! My little red car had a bad run a few years ago, but insurance paid for the repairs, thank goodness. Then again, my kids aren't driving yet...


Lori said...

Yeah, Matty - sadly it was the end of my little blue car. but on the upside, hubs got me a fast new blue car! :)

Felt Sew Good said...

Yep, the little blue car's time was up!
I gave you an award - see my blog for details! -Cheryl:)

slow panic said...

last night i realized my oldest is 3 1/2 years away from getting his learners permit.

i am afraid.

believe it or not...

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