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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not a Witty Update

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Would I describe myself as witty? Eh - not really. But, hey, it's my blog.

I've been working in the studio so much lately TRYING to make some money for the Hermit away at school (AND the occasional pair of loverly shoes) that my brain has turned to mush. Feeling quite incapable of retelling stories of our dysfunctional existance. I got nothing - except this...

The Continuing Saga of the Ever Frustrating Old Clunker Search
(which mom here refuses to be any part of)

So last night, the BSer, after a hard day's work, came in and resumed his search for a car for Smart Ass. At this point, they've both realized that they simply MUST turn to Craig's List. After a ridiculous amount of research, they've decided to find an older model Honda Civic.

Amazingly, they found a great candidate located in Buckhead. BSer called the girl, an Emory student who cluelessly underpriced her car. BSer screams, "hold on! we're on our way!" Now, at this point, let me say that BSer has just returned from driving home with all the other crazies leaving Atlanta. He and Smart Ass jump in the car and head BACK to Atlanta - at 5:30. Nearly two hours later they call home from somewhere in Buckhead - lost. I google directions and get them to the location where they had been beat out by, I'm not kidding, FIVE minutes. Long story short, another guy got the car.

Pity goes out to Smart Ass for having to ride BACK home from Atlanta at 8:00 with the BSer, who was hungry and NOT a happy camper.

See, I got nothin'. OH! Except this...

As they were driving around in Atlanta - good old HOTlanta - they saw an old lady, driving a corvette with a FULL sized LIVE iguana sitting on the dashboard. Atlanta - gotta love it.

NOW I got nothin'
What you got? Give me your links.


slow panic said...

ok wait a minute. you are in atlanta? i'm in macon.

and you make stuff? why did i not know this?

oh, because i'm slow. that's it. and busy. all at the same time.

Matty said...

Ohh that's a bummer.

believe it or not...

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