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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

letting you in on a little secret

What's the secret? It's only fair that I tell you. If you're not a reader here, or a customer here, you won't know.

{ S.A. is my model. Isn't she spectacularly photogenic? }

I'm hosting a giveaway and the swag is pretty sweet. It's a darling little handmade, embroidered crossbody bag AND (yes I said "and") sparkling blue quartz earrings. You simply must jump over, but please don't hurt yourself along the way.


Totally unrelated:
We'll be prom dress shopping again later today. Say a prayer for me and wish me luck. I'll need it.


Lanyardlady said...

Love the bag and the earrings. So blissfully blue! And here's a virtual hug for the prom-dress shopping. I remember those days and they were tense, to say the least!

Lori said...

Thank you lanyard. The hug is VERY welcome. Here's hoping she decides today. If not, she may be wearing her jeans and tee! And isn't it blissfully blue?

Toni said...

The purse is just beautiful, Lori. So springlike. Practice up as you shop for that prom dress because it will pale in comparison to the stress of shopping, for not her wedding dress, but for the mother-of-the bride one!

blueviolet said...

I'll check that giveaway out. I have to! And I feel your pain for the prom dress shopping. Just yesterday I saw her old gowns in the closet and recalled that the hundreds that were spent on them!!!

Good luck!

PS. Your email isn't attached to your profile so I couldn't answer your question or send you the link from my post. You can email me if you want and I'll reply.

doot65{at}comcast [DOT]net

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