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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I've Been Invaded - And Not In A Good Way

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Well, the search for the coveted prom dress ended today. But that's not what I'm writing to you about, my dear internet friends.

Yes, we found the (hallelujah chorus begins) DRESS (hallelujah chorus ends). We decided on a dress, proceeded to pay, and my credit card was rejected. Yep - r.e.j.e.c.t.e.d. So the little saleslady chickadee gives me the "you ain't got no money, honey" eye and dials the number. Smart Ass, by this time, was getting a little embarrased because we weren't the only girls in line (of course we weren't - this sort of thing never happens when you're alone). So anyway, I told the girl that I'd just write a check for the dress.

This happened in December when the BSer was in Virginia making a purchase and I, in Georgia, went to buy groceries. The credit card was declined because of the differences in location. I called the number and found that we have a fraud alert on our card. It's a service to let you know when something unusual is occurring. I like this feature. Didn't mind the inconvenience.

Flash forward to today, I called the BSer to see if he had gone and bought the golf clubs he was whining about telling me about the other day. Nope, he hadn't done a thing.

So next I call our credit card company and find that we had a purchase in D.C. as well as Cape Town, South Africa within the past 24 hours. Um - not me. So our credit card has been frozen and we will be issued new cards.

I know that this is fairly common these days, but what the heck????? Have you ever had this happen?

Bajeezes. I've been invaded - and not in a good way. I'm also wondering if the Hermit or Smart Ass or maybe even the BSer flew to South Africa while I wasn't looking and purchased something like a DVD or Itunes music. It could happen ya know!


slow panic said...

yeah, that happened to us a few years ago. it's scary. glad you caught it right away

Gardanne said...

I got a call last year from my credit card company just to confirm that I had just made a $1200 purchase at an auto parts store. Nope not me. My husband is a city boy, and he is not exactly a do it yourselfer. I panic if I see a power tool in his hands.
It was an easy fix, got a new card, filled out complaint, and have not had any trouble since.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

DANG, that's scary!

One Christmas I decided to put ALL my purchases on one card (to obtain frequent flyer miles!). After several purchases, the card was denied, and when the salesgirl called, Amex said they wanted to talk to me and verify that I was indeed the cardholder. They said that they wanted to check, because there wasn't usually that much activity on the card.

Although I was embarrassed to have to have the salesgirl call, I remember being really thankful that they were doing such a good job monitoring for theft!

So glad they were able to catch this before it got really nasty! And so glad you found the (Hallelujah chorus) dress!!

Captain Dumbass said...

Up in Canada if something goes wrong with your card it is always, ALWAYS somebody buying gas in Montreal.

Sue Jackson said...

Yup, it happened to us. A few years ago, I got a call from a computer company out west - "just calling to confirm the $1500 laptop order"...NOPE! They said they have a policy to always call if the billing address and shipping address are different - thank goodness! I'm more careful now not to order online unless I'm sure it's secure.

On the funny side, when I make a trip to both Trader Joe's and Target on the same day (I only get up there about once every two months), our Visa card always calls to make sure everything is OK!!


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