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Sunday, March 14, 2010


{ my car was not this hot }

I was just talking with a friend about the privileges kids have today, how they're raised, how they feel entitled, and what a shock it will be when they enter the "real world". Can you tell we were having a gripefest?

What prompted the gripefest? As you know, Smart Ass is ready for her license and because I have a nice car and WILL NOT allow her to drive it without me, we need to find something for her. When The Hermit got his driver's license, we got a '94 Toyota truck for $3,000. Now this, in my humble opinion, is the ideal "new" car for a teenager IF they're lucky enough to get one. Little did we know that it would be the energizer bunny of all trucks and still be "trucking" well over 200k. Aside from having to walk ten miles to school in the snow, I was LUCKY to drive my parent's Buick LaSabre - I believe it was a '73 model.

Anyway, now it's time for Smart Ass. We're looking for something equally cheap that won't cause major parental upheaval when the first mailbox is destroyed. Not that S.A. isn't a capable driver (cough, cough).

In hindsight, our only mistake was that the truck we got for the Hermit didn't have airbags - something that's plagued us constantly. That's our only requirement now. Sheesh. Parenting - it's what kills people. You think cancer or heart disease is the leading killer? No, they're wrong. It's parenting.

My point? Curiosity...

If you're too young to tell me about the kiddo, then what happened when you got your first car? What did you get?
What's going on with your offspring today?


debi said...

My first car was a falcon, for 65.00 that turned out to be "hot". My parents wouldn't let me drive the station wagon! My daughter drove a buick (I think)) handed down from the hubs to me to her. Son bought his own...had to be a cool one. memories.....gotta love them!

Lori said...
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Matty said...

The first car for all three of my children were inexpensive second hand models. That's all they need at that age. Good enough to run well, but not so you say, a few thousand at the most. PLUS, none of them were allowed to even apply for their license until they were at least 17.

My first car was a 1965 Pontiac GTO. But we had since I was in the 8th grade, and I inherited it when I started driving.

You are so right....there should be a safety course for parenting.

Gardanne said...

My first car was a Maverick. It was rusted half way up the doors and had no heat, and guess where I lived...Buffalo. I survived the blizzard of 77' ( 6 feet of snow), it took me 10 hours to drive a 45 minute trip. The traffic was moving so slow I went into other cars to warm up.
My smart ass is turning 16 this summer, and she is already talking about using my car, I wonder what she thinks I am going to be driving during the day.
The other day on npr they said that teens are so egocentric because there frontal lobe is not fully connected, poor things.
Sorry for the long comment, can you tell you hit a nerve.

Stereos and Souffles said...

My first car was a Chevy Chevette that was about as old as dirt when I got it, but I remember it had something insane like 3,000 miles on it. I side swiped a parked car the very first night I drove it.

Sue Jackson said...

In 1982, my Dad sold me our old family 76 Plymouth Fury for $1 (it was a hand-me-down first from my great uncle to my parents, then to me). That car was a BOAT but it was pretty much indestructible (good thing - I was kinda wild).

Fortunately, Jamie is the youngest in his class, so he won't get his learner's permit until August, though he's taking driver's ed now. I'm not worried about him, though - he's actually terrified of learning to drive which seems like a good thing to me! Better that than feeling invincible like I did!

Last year, we traded in our 94 Pathfinder in the Cash for Clunkers program and got a new care, with an eye toward something Jamie would feel comfortable driving, too - we got a Kia Optima, so he's probably learn on that, though we'll want him to also practice with the truck cause it's bigger and with my car because it's a standard (which REALLY terrifies him but I want him to learn).

BTW, my second car - my first "real" car - was a Chevy Cavalier I bought from my boyfriend. The VW is only my third car (and it will live forever :)


citymouse said...

I feel your pain sister. Son #3 is eligible for his license in April, although he hasn't logged too many hours behind the wheel. He keeps thinking I will give him my Jeep Wrangler and get something else for myself... hahaha. (On top of everything else, he doesn't know how to drive a manual.) I have 2 older sons that I dread driving with even now. (My oldest is almost 23.) It's no wonder that my mother kept looking for the brake petal while I was driving even into my 40s.

slow panic said...

parenting is killing me KILLING me.

why didn't someone tell me?

my oldest is five blessed years away from getting his license. i am already living in fear

52 Faces said...

Yup, Jifo (which is indeed the moniker for my s.o.) and I complain about "kids these days" all the time. (I work with teenagers, thus I'm even more assured I'll never want one of my own.)

Your comment on my earthquake post set me laughing for a good long while. I hope that story is on this blog somewhere for me to read...

believe it or not...

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