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Sunday, March 28, 2010

church is fun

whats after 29?

so this morning we're heading out to church and, like any good mother, I simply couldn't keep my mouth shut. I ask smart ass if she got a certain smart assy text from me last night when she was out. yes, she replied. from that moment on the argument raged. the bser even decided to join in.

by the time we reached the church bser and I climbed out of the car and smart ass decided to remain. we went in. I sat down with the bser and as church began we found ourselves constantly looking toward the door. where is she? where's my little smart ass?

near the end of the service we got up to have communion and to my astonishment, there's that little smart ass heading up to have communion from the other side of the church. she'd been there the entire time. and i was worried. was i praying when everyone else prayed? no, i worried. church is fun that way.

walking out, i thought to myself, "ok we've all been to church. gotten our fill of the holy spirit and we will be feeling much more calm and less argumentative during the ride home." we piled into the car and it was as if we'd never gotten out. the argument continued. all. the. way. home. we piled out of the car and went our separate ways.

just in time for dinner, everyone had taken their collective breaths and bonded yet again.

dinner was exceptionally happy.

i love my lovable, dysfunctional family.

they'll probably kill me in the end.

but i still love them.


Jennifer Juniper said...

It sounds like church for you goes just about the same way it does for me and my boys!

Lori said...

amen sista.

debi said...

I gotta say, as much as I miss my kids sometimes, it is sooooo nice visiting them in their OWN homes!!! No more drama, (that you have to stay and watch,anyway)! Have fun....debi

Toni said...

Lori -- The picture you posted with your tale of church Sunday is priceless!

blueviolet said...

So the photo....filled with the spirt, right? Well, maybe the spirit of disgust?

Lori said...

Yes, Blue, I'm seeing the spirit in their cute little angelic faces, too. :)

Sue Jackson said...

Whew, sounds like a rough Sunday!

I woke up this morning mad at Ken because I had a dream that he left me for an Indian woman in a sari. Seriously. Weirdest dream ever!!


Matty said...

I raised two girls through the teen years, so this sounds all too familiar. And very normal. Yes, you all sound quite normal.

Lori said...

Thank you, Matty. Sometimes I seriously wonder.

believe it or not...

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