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Friday, February 5, 2010

What Will YOU Be Doing...

...during the Superbowl? Before? After?


Why thank you for asking! I'm going to sit with the BSer and Smart Ass (who, thank the Lord in heaven, loves football which is why she seems to attract so many boys, especially the undesirable ones.) as they watch the game. I may throw in a little "woohoo" or "ahhh" every now and then. But as I'm sitting there nibbling on way too much junk food for three people, I'm going to play with THIS:


Visual Lori here needs pictures and easy instructions to understand things. I've tried figuring out the new Photoshop Elements with online tutorials, etc. and still somehow managed to completely delete my iphoto program. Uh-huh - that's what I'm saying, deleted - not just the pictures but the entire program. BSer asked me how the heck I could do such a thing. It's because I didn't have the book.

So, after this weekend, my photos posted here and here and here and here and here will knock your freaking socks off. (okay, I need to get a life)

Maybe that's a little ambitious. At least I will know the basics for the Photoshop Elements for Mac computer-challenged. And never again will I delete iphoto. :)


vhf said...

I will be watching and eating, like you ;) Good luck with PSE8 ... once you get it, you'll love it!

Oh, Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

blueviolet said...

I won't be watching and I wish I was playing with Photoshop too!!!

Serenityville said...

I got last minute inspiration and am looking for somewhere to watch it, b/c like you I need something more interesting to keep me entertained for the 3.5 hours they throw in an occasional good commercial. Coming over from SITS, happy Sat. Sharefest!

Jen said...

I will be sitting next to my hubby who will be watching and me I will be on the computer, like always. :)

Lori said...

Well I didn't work on photoshop! I searched for inspiration for this hutch I got over the weekend that needs to be painted AND watched the game. Have to say, I'm glad I watched it. It was GOOD!

believe it or not...

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