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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Touchdown! Red Letter Day! Woo Hoo for Lazies Everywhere!

Photo credit: Nataliedee

Woke up this morning. Had the coffee. Sent the BSer off. Yelled at Smart Ass. Day's looking good so far.

I paid a few bills, thought about the spinner downstairs, thought about the Bowflex downstairs and that cushy mat waiting for crunches. I thought... and thought... so...

I went upstairs and headed into the studio. It began to rain. Poor BSer is going to a business thingie tonight and tomorrow he's hobnobbing with a bunch of other BSers while skeet shooting at a skeet shooting resort. I thought about the rain and how fun that would be. ...mkay... Give me a shout out if you've heard of a skeet shooting resort.

Anyway, I sat in the studio and stared. I tried to organize, plan, sketch... nothing.

The torture chamber in the basement called my name. I ignored it.


I gave up...


I took a shower. Didn't put on makeup. Put on my sweats - the disgusting ones.

And just like that...

The decision was made.

I popped a bag of popcorn, grabbed a Diet Coke, and checked the TV listing.

Most importantly...

I did this with absolutely NO GUILT! This never happens - even on the weekend!

It's great!

Now, if I can only survive American Idol and the rigors of laziness until bedtime.

*Photo credit: Nataliedee


Sue Jackson said...

Sounds awesome, Lori!!! I'm never lazy either - feel guilty for not "getting things done", even when I'm crashed. But this second snow storm heading our way has inspired me (plus I got a lot done today)...tomorrow will be a real snow day for me, I think! We have a bunch of DVDs from the library, the kids want to play games (I love games), it looks like DE will probably be in another state of emergency by morning - an excuse to do nothing!!

Hope you enjoyed your lazy day. Lost is on tonight AND we have a Grey's Anatomy on tape - whooee!


Nancy said...

LOL! - I have a hard time picking a blog - all of them are so good!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

That sounds like my kind of day...actually that is exactly the kind of day I am planning for myself tomorrow since my husband is out of town on business and my daughter is spending the night with my in-laws tonight. Yes!!!!

Beth Anderson said...

You have a torture chamber???
I'm too lazy to have one (or go to one)!

believe it or not...

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