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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Hair Trilogy

This is absolutely the last time I talk about my hair - this month.

You may have read my first little adventure, and then maybe the second story of modern forms of torture.

Today the adventure ends. And for you men who've never seen this or for you women who have been blessed with gorgeous locks, I apologize. For the men, you may want to avert your eyes with the first picture and for the women, I hate you.

This is what it took (and I would only show this to my dearest friends).


End result : Attempt #1


Attempt #2


This one took.
I'm no longer orange, and yes...

it takes a village.


The end.

And once again they were wrong. I don't look twenty years younger and I'm still stuck with these cursed reading glasses. So much for hair miracles.


Gardanne said...

Please don't hate me, my blonde hair on the other side of 50 is all I have left. It would take several villages to get the rest of me presentable. I have a 15 year old smart ass too!!!

steenky bee said...

I think it's beauuuuuuuutiful! Glasses and all. Sort of a Lisa Loeb thing going on.

Robin said...

I think you look gorgeous..! I really dont know what it looked like befere though..but beautiful now..and the glasses are kool..!

Red Velvet Confections said...

If you're concerned about your looks, I should be looking into plastic surgery. You look just fine. :)

believe it or not...

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