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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dreams of a Smart #$$


It's almost time.

Smart Ass, because of a combination of illnesses, attitude, and accidents will finally, at over 17, be getting her driver's license soon. Fair warning to the city of Atlanta and surrounding counties.

S.A. is begging for an uber cool Jeep Wrangler. Yeah.


More accurately speaking...



Serenityville said...

I lived in Germany where you can't get a license till you're 18, and it's quite common to not bother getting one. Scary coming back here where young'uns like yours are on the road! I remember what an idiot driver I was years ago? (I'm 36)

tattytiara said...

Safe and sensible and lots of room to run errands for the entire family - excellent choice!

Jenny said...

Oh man. It is so scary when they start driving! Acccckkk!!!! At least the vehicle looks safe!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I don't even want to THINK about it! AHHHH!

Love your new pic!

Hey, I have a party posting Thursday to link up your own list of faves if you're interested?

Sue Jackson said...

Jamie is taking driver's ed now, though he's young for his class and can't get his permit until he turns 16 in August. He's actually really scared to learn to drive right now which is fine with me! A little fear might be a good thing, huh? It sure beats the usual teen attitude about driving (myself included) - invulnerability!

We got a Kia Optima last year when we traded in our 15-year old Clunker, so Jamie will probably learn on that. He loves my little VW but is REALLY scared of driving a stick shift!!


Matty said...

Too funny. I made all of my children wait until they were 17 to get their license. Such a cruel parent I was.

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