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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Death and Taxes


It's that time again.

If I don't post again within the next 24 - 48 hours,


go on without me.

What's your most dreaded task? In addition to cleaning toilets.
Unless you're lucky enough to have a maid who cleans your toilets in which case...
you are the despised one.


Sue Jackson said...

It IS a dreaded task, but it feels so good when you finish and hit that e-file button! Our refund should be deposited any day now (hopefully before the end of the month...)

On the bright side, it gives you an excuse to ignore all other responsibilities for a few days and growl to other family members, "take care of it yourself - I'm doing the taxes!"

Hang in there! I'm rooting for you!


Andrew Thornton said...

I hate hate hate hate shoveling snow.

Robin said...

Oh Gosh..too many to name..I did my taxes though so at least they are out of the way..! have a great day..Love the pic..!

Captain Dumbass said...

I would just as soon let them take whatever they wanted out of my bank account than do the damn taxes.

Lori said...

Thanks Robin. If you click on the picture, there's a link to:

I LOVE that place.

Matty said...

I actually like to clean. Don't mind it at all. Including the bathrooms. Don't mind grocery shopping or vacuuming or doing laundry either. Just call me Mr. Mom. Anyone need a wife?

Now....the one thing I absolutely hate doing is cleaning up after dinner. All I want to do is get up from the table and go about whatever I'm doing. I don't like clearing the table, putting things away, cleaning pots and pans and loading the dishwasher. I just want to eat and run.

Lori said...

Matty, you ARE a rock star! As long as you'd clean the bathroom, do the grocery shopping, vacuum and do the laundry, you don't NEED to clear the dishes. You go put those feet up mister.

believe it or not...

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