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Monday, February 22, 2010

Can You Handle Tuesday's Deep Thought?

What's After 29?

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Tuesday's pondering thought: Do you blog for yourself or for your readers?

I began blogging first about my art. Now that is my business blog and I started it to, I'll admit, attract business. I am, after all, in business. But (and this is a big but) I eventually realized that if you don't enjoy blogging, you'd better get out. ("business" is homage paid to a blogging "friend" who's dealing with a tempermental commenter)

The other blog was begun mainly as a way to vent and write and hopefully gain cheap therapy as a parent of a chronically ill child. I ended up meeting so many wonderful people.

I began What's After for sheer fun. That's it - just fun.

In a nutshell, I love to write. I LOVE to nitpick and design blogs. I LOVE the graphics. I LOVE the creative outlet. I LOVE the cheap therapy. Mostly, I think that I LOVE the people I've met and interacted with.

How about you? Why do you blog - honestly?

Have you had to deal with problems? Why What are they?

How have you dealt with them? Tell me. Tell me.


Rochelle said...

I really don't know how you handle three blogs when I get overwhelmed with one. Do you not sleep, bathe, brush your teeth? Anyway, more power to ya!

I've been a writer-wanna-be most of my life and starting a blog last May was an attempt to finally feel as if I was a real live writer. And I do feel like a writer now and was even inspired to do NaNoWriMo and write a (horrendous) novel in 30 days! And it has led me to dabble in other arts too, especially photography and collage.

But what I didn't expect was the wonderful community of people I've encountered online - the support and cheers, the empathy and laughter - blogging, and my bloggy friends, have really changed my life for the better.

Lori said...

I balance the posts. One blog I really don't post every day. I'm lucky if I can get content 2x a week. Like I said, a good way of taking the thoughts from my head. :)

Diane said...

I started blogging to keep my friends and family updated instead of sending out emails. I had no idea there was such a COMMUNITY here in Blogland. My family doesn't really even read my blog but I've met so many people who feel like family now (several of whom I've met or will be meeting in person soon!). So, I blog because I love the connection to people and because I love the wit and wisdom and support I've found here. And because I love to write and if I don't do it fairly often, I feel guilty. My biggest problem is dealing with that guilt and with how much time it all takes! Sometimes I have to unplug and take a break, but it doesn't usually last long. And I expect to continue doing blogging for a long time to come.

Sue Jackson said...

You really expressed my own reasons for blogging perfectly! (except for the artistic design stuff - nothin' there in my case). Writing is my profession but in the case of my CFS blog, also therapy. Meeting so many wonderful people and being able to help others were unexpected bonuses!

Diane said...

I thought I'd reply to your question back here (as I sometimes forget to go back to peoples' blogs when I've asked one ;).

Pigsknuckle is not a real place :). I didn't want to let the whole Internet know where I live so I came up with a (mostly) affectionate nickname for my hometown. We're actually about 2 hours north of your previous town, straight up 81, where a big, state university lives :)

Matty said...

This is a great question.

I got started blogging last summer during rehab from knee surgery due to a "sliding into a base" softball injury. I just happened across Google blogger and wanted to see what it was all about. When I created my blog, it really wasn't for any special reason. I was just killing time. Now almost 8 months later, I think it has taken over my life. However, when I post something, whether it's an article or a picture, it depends on the subject matter. Sometimes it's for me, and other times it's something I think the readers will connect with and have an interest in.

As for design, I am an HTML idiot. I want a blog button but can't figure out how to make one, even though I have the instructions to do it. Those tabs at the top of my blog? I did them carefully following directions given to me......and then still screwed it up, and the other person had to go to my blog and copy all the stuff I needed anyway. DUH.

believe it or not...

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