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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today - A Positive, Upbeat View

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Today's plan is to finish catching up after being gone for five days.

It's raining, so of course I will be going to the grocery store. I'm still trying to finish a "healthy" menu for the rest of the week. Suggestions??? (Be kind. Insults literally crush me.)

Isn't it a joyful moment when you're running, full-on with a buggy full of food in the pouring rain? Can someone tell me how to keep the buggy from rolling away while simultaneously opening the trunk and holding an umbrella? My umbrella always falls sideways. And by the way, why don't I learn to check the weather report and NOT procrastinate and just go to the friggin' grocery store the day before we're due for 2-3 inches of rain?

Getting back to the healthy meal topic...

Oh how I wish I could serve up delicious, healthy meals. We've got the BSer, the pickiest adult on the face of the planet. Then there's Smart Ass who can't eat gluten - gee thanks for that. The only one I have who will eat and not complain, well for the most part, is the Hermit and now he's gone. GONE I tell ya.

So, here I am, trying like the dickins to create a health conscious meal. We are bombarded with "don't eat this, eat that, blah, blah, blah". Cardboard may do the trick. Wait - I'll bet it has gluten.

How many days does it take you to recover after being away?

And doesn't going to the grocery store in the rain suck?

Have a great day!! Stay inside. Read a book. Don't go to the grocery store.


Jennifer Juniper said...

I was planning a trip to the grocery store today, but alas the sun is shining...I really should put it off, right? I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't get soaking wet!

blueviolet said...

It takes me a week to really get into a flow again. But I'm not normal. ;)

debi said...

I have awarded you a Kreativ Blogger Award. Check it out on my blog http: //

Sue Jackson said...

I don't use umbrellas - I wear a raincoat with a hood! Geeky maybe but it leaves my hands free and keeps me dry.

I try hard to cook healthy, too. We don't have gluten intolerance, but I can't eat dairy. I think maybe my family isn't quite as picky as yours, but who knows?

I'll try to stop by more often and tell you what we're having for dinner!

I was too crashed all week to make it to the grocery store, so I still haven't planned meals - we sort of scraped by all week making meals out of whatever was left in the fridge, freezer, and pantry! Frittata last night. Tonight we had pork chops with a cider sauce, carrots and parsnips (the only veggies left in the house) with butter and maple syrup, and rice. Now, we REALLY need groceries - I guess Ken will have to go tomorrow.


Sue Jackson said...

Hi, again - I just made one of my all-time favorite dinners - Chipotle Tamale Pie. Like most of my favorites, it's a recipe from Cooking Light. I'll paste in the link, but if it doesn't come out right, let me know, and I'll e-mail it.

The recipe has flour in it (for the cornbread topping), but I figured you probably have a wheat flour substitute because I know you bake gluten-free). It's a bit spicy but you could tone that down - we love it, but I don't know if your picky eaters like spice!


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