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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today We Salute YOU!

Today, on your 17th birthday,
A day we thought would never come...

Alas, a day we thought we'd never survive to see...


I was certain, after carrying you for nine months, that life wouldn't be boring. My first pregnancy was so easy and quiet, but not you! You kicked and screamed whilst still in the womb! Oh yes, we always knew that it would be you, and not the sweet Hermit, who would be the nail in our coffin, the signer of the old person's home commitment form.

We salute you...


the only baby who could work a onesie. You,
oh giver of endless grief and drainer of all things cash-related,

holder of the title of loudest screaming banshee,


lover of apple jammies and

current resident of the nastiest bedroom.


You, oh chewer of books and...
the one who boldly wears the title, Smart Ass.

Happy 17th

We love you. :)


Diane said...

Great post! I have one of those smart asses but she's only 10 :). Bless you for making it to 17! Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! Drop in anytime!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I always thought these days were so far in the future for me, but really I have only 6 more years until I'm writing my own Happy 17th birthday post! I found a great youtube video about this, I'll try to find the link...

Captain Dumbass said...

Happy Birthday!

believe it or not...

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