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Friday, January 8, 2010

He Finally Cracked


What was I thinking???

In my relentless effort to become more healthy, I've become the food police. Yep.

The last straw was when I accused him of adding too much salad dressing to his salad. (Seriously, he adds - like - a quarter cup!) was the last straw.

He exploded with, "I'm done! I'm outta here!"

I replied, "You're leaving me because I'm the food police?"

"Yes! It's all down hill from here. First, it's the salad dressing. Next, you'll call the office and I'll tell you that I have to work late. You will respond by asking if those are crackers you hear in the background."

And that's how the BSer cracked.

The end.


Madge said...

yeah. i'm on a health kick right now and i am constantly biting my tongue to not tell my husband how incredibly unhealthy he is....

Sue Jackson said...

Still struggling to catch up on blogs!

Ah, yes, I've heard very similar reactions from my husband. I try hard now to bite my tongue, but it's hard! At lunchtime on weekends, I SOOO want to say, "Really? You're eating all that meat and cheese on your sandwich, with chips, and no fruits or vegetables??"

Anonymous said...

lmao - your blog is great!!

believe it or not...

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