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Friday, January 8, 2010


Today, after I've had my fifth cup of coffee, I'm heading down to the basement to clean and fumigate The Hermit's room and bathroom. (Yes, I am procrastinating. Wouldn't you?)

There's no telling what I may find down there. The smell alone could knock you out.

I told him to clean it up before he moved out. Guess what?

So anyway, if I don't come up for air by 6:00 p.m. send the rescue squad.

Story at 7...

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Sue Jackson said...

What is it about teen boys? I can't get Jamie to put his clothes in the hamper (instead of on the floor) or to even close his dresser drawers. Do they just not see it?

Then again, I was a bit of slob as a teenager, too, and I like things neat, so there's hope for the future!

Oh, and my sister was such a major slob as a teen that my Mom and her husband once did an undercover video expose of her room, with my mom in a trench coat, speaking into a curling iron!! Ha ha - I wonder if they still have that video? Anyway, now she's totally anal about nothing ever being out of place - cracks us all up.

So, there is hope for the future!


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