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Monday, December 28, 2009


It seems that lately we've hit milestones and I've realized that, while I THOUGHT I loved change, change sucks. My brain tells me change is good. But after a string of alterations in life, stagnation begins to look pretty darn attractive.

Our first big change happened many years ago. We decided to buck the system and pull the kids out to be educated at home for a few years. This change was good - and fun.

Then change happened again in 2005 when my sweet 12 year-old, not quite Smart Ass, became sick with an illness which rocked our world, her world, and changed the course of our lives. This illness was (and still can be) more difficult than you could imagine because of it's obscurity. This change truly sucked.

In 2008, we moved away from the security of our friends and home to another state seven hours away. Sucky change.

And now...

Now I've been having a pity party for myself. I should be happy and giddy and excited. But, I guess like any other parent, I'm tearful and thoughtful and scared. The Hermit moved out yesterday to attend school somewhere else. I'm excited for him. He's excited for him. Is this what they call empty-nest syndrome? Figures I'd get it too early. I've still got Smart Ass in all her glory to keep me hopping.

Had to say goodbye to my little old car yesterday, too. Isn't that crazy? I became emotionally attached to a freaking car! This was a sad change.

Plus I think I'm beginning to go through "the change".

Change is good, right?

Maybe I'll get a jeep and drive with the top down.

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