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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brussels Sprouts for Everyone

Last week, while visiting mom and watching, I'm absolutely certain, 24 straight hours of television in one sitting, I came across a recipe.

Brussels sprouts - something I've never tried. Never. In. My. Life.

The recipe looked unbelievable. I was well aware that brussels sprouts are perhaps the most detested vegetable known to mankind.

I was challenged.

I saved the recipe.

Last night, BSer comes in from work, "What's for dinner?"

"Brussels sprouts, baked chicken and rice, really good rice and REALLY, REALLY delicious brussels sprouts."

BSer, "But everyone on the face of the planet detests brussels sprouts."

I proceed to tell him how I will PREPARE our culinary delight.

BSer, "Why, you could cook cat %^$# like that and it would be delicious!"

I'm encouraged.

I chop and dice, then slave over a hot stove, feverishly preparing said brussels sprouts.

Next time I'll try the cat $^%#.


Sue Jackson said...

ha ha ha...Yes, I've tried making brussels sprouts with bacon - I figured my kids would like anythign with bacon, right? nope. It's one of the only veggies they say they hate. I like 'em, though, as long as they're not overcooked (then they get bitter).

That recipe does sound good...


debi said...

I love brussel sprouts!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I have not had them this way, but it sounds right up my alley! You really could cook up a delicious cat this way :)

believe it or not...

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