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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Need a Vacation? Come Along...

...for a dreamy weekend away from everyone and everything.

As much as I love them all, the BS-er, Hermit and Smart Ass will have other plans.

We'll be going to a lodge in the mountains. The road will be clear so driving into town to shop will be no problem and, most importantly, we can order a fabulous meal and have it delivered to the lodge.

On this trip (because we are dreaming here) we will need a knock-out fantasy outfit. I'm hosting this particular dream, so if you don't like the outfit, host a dream of your own. :)

I REALLY want to do the boyfriend look.
So for the sake of dreamland, I'll work it.

Gonna work these shoes too.
Think I could actually handle the heels.
How about you?

The bag. Drool...

After dinner (or maybe even before!) we'll change into our comfy jammies.
This robe would do the trick for me.
(sweats underneath of course)

This pillow would be nice to cuddle with
since George Clooney can't make it up the mountain.

If we're feeling especially nice, we may call home.
...or not.

All of these lovely items are from my dreamland favorite store, Anthropologie.


Mami Made It said...

I love the bag. Women can never have too much bags ;)

Fern said...

I'm dreaming with you! Lovely selection. I LOVE anthropologie!

Lille Diane said...

I totally appreciate, and adore, your sass! Yes, I want that handbag, too. You're a doll with a "tude". =]

Captain Dumbass said...

I could work that. My ass would look fantastic in those jeans that the top would cover my man-muffin. Don't know about the shoes though. They'd make me look nine feet tall and I wouldn't be able to move.

phd in yogurtry said...

A weekend away, kids safely farmed out with other plans? If we're talking shack in a town called H*llhole, I will be there.

(loving the phone in snow photo)

believe it or not...

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