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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday's Critique

{ Your basic, everyday salt lick }

So, everyone asked for chinese tonight. Let me preface this by stating that I am one heck of a stir-fryer. This is because Smart Ass has effectively put an end to our chinese take-outs after going gluten-free. As a result, I've gotten lots of practice. The family lovingly refers to me as Wasabi Lori or sometimes Lori-son.

Unfortunately, I was working the lazy-Sunday thing, so the fried rice was nothing but - fried - rice. And instead of sauteing onions and garlic and all of the goodies I would normally use, I pulled out a bag of frozen veggie stir-fry.

My bad.

I have no idea what the heck happened, but the chicken and vegetables were so salty you could barely eat them. Except, of course, for Smart Ass who also has hypotension and craves salt so much that she has her own shaker. Amazingly, she continued to liberally salt her dinner. (We've considered adding a salt lick to her end of the table and that, my friend, is another story for another day.)

The Hermit asked why I cooked chinese when he had expressly stated that he wanted burgers and he had specifically said the chinese should come at the END of the week - not the beginning. Did I not hear when he requested burgers?

BS-er (a loving hubby who is oddly the pickiest kid in the bunch) asked why the fried rice was basically rice, where the egg rolls were tonight, why I didn't add onions, and was this fresh broccoli or frozen because he could tell the difference (I said they were freshly frozen).

Wasabi Lori clearly did not hit a home run tonight.

Dinner - 2 (scale of 1 - 10, ten being the best)
Level of critiquing - 10

Success Boil-in-a-bag rice: $2
Chicken: $3
Bag of mixed stir-fry vegetables: $1.88

Watching the dog try to scarf inedible salty chinese chicken - Priceless. :)


purplecat said...

whwere would they be if they had to do it themsleves!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

It's either a 2 dinner or no dinner...right?

What's up with those stir fry veggies? I used them the other day and they had such a strange texture!

Lori said...

If I use frozen, I have to sneak it in because they can tell. It's like the kids and hubby are connoisseurs or something - and they're not! They've got me quivering in my shoes! I've got to somehow stop the madness.

Caroline said...

Hubs is the same way with salt... personally I almost never add salt, but he can't get enough.

Sue Jackson said...

ha ha ha - good times, huh? My mom became a vegetarian when I was in high school and started cooking a lot of new recipes (she still made some meat for the rest of us), and we used to rate her dinners 1 - 10. She still bears the scars.

Of course, I can totally relate to the salt thing - we have 3 of us who need extra salt and poor Ken who will probably have a heart attack soon. I used to hate salt but now I crave it.

Not being able to order Chinese take-out sucks, huh? I love to cook and I can make some decent Chinese, but it's a lot of work - much easier to pick up the phone. I would think Chinese would be gluten-free - mostly veggies, meat and rice. Is it the soy sauce?

Next time, tell them to make it themselves!


Lori said...

Hi Sue - yes it is the soy sauce. It's amazing the things with gluten, even makeup and envelope glue. Who knew?

believe it or not...

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