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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Parenting Opinions - Bring It On


I'm looking for opinions this morning.

The Hermit was a fairly low key, easy teen. I don't remember having this dilemma with him.

Smart Ass, who's been sick for the better part of 4 years, is feeling mighty fine these days and suddenly has a life. Tuesday night she went shopping with a friend. Wednesday night, youth group with another friend. Thursday night, the Atlanta Symphony with yet another friend and finally we come to Friday night. Guess what? She went to a bonfire. Our dilemma? Curfew - the dreaded "C" word.

You may be asking, why is this such a problem?

BS-er and I don't last past 9:30 or 10:00 on a good night. It's admittedly embarrassing for Smart Ass when we make her come home by 9:30 on a Friday night.

Maybe it's the boy/girl thing. Sadly what rings true for boys doesn't for girls. We knew that the Hermit would be home when we told him to be home so we went to bed, knowing he would be fine.

No matter what we like to think, it's different with girls. BS-er and I, with our after ten p.m. crankiness, pace the floor and, OH YEAH, heaven help any boy who happens to walk into the house with her.

BS-er told the last one that he didn't trust him any farther than he could be thrown.

Sheesh - poor Smart Ass. I almost felt kinda sorry for her - almost.

What's a parent to do? What do you do? What DID you do or what are you PLANNING to do?
Do you wait up - growing tired and cranky? Do you set an earlier time? What? What? What?

This just endorses my theory that I'm ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN is true. Healthy adults who just fall over and die for no apparent reason are, in reality, killed indirectly by their teenagers.

So... Opinions?


Jennifer Juniper said...

My kids are too young, but my dad was a sleepy head like you. He just went to bed and I had to wake him up to say goodnight when I got home. I belive this was for the curfew check as well as the alcohol/cigarette sniff test.

Lori said...

Oh hey, I like that idea! It could work with the added safety of the cell next to the bed in case she needs me. Thanks.

Sue Jackson said...

Wow, I've missed a lot of posts - time to catch up!

Curfew isn't really a problem for us yet because Jamie knows he doesn't have the stamina to last very long at events and he knows he'll feel bad the next day if he stays up too late - he's usually in bed by 8:30!!

So, we usually arrange to pick him up (like from a dance) at 10 or so, and he calls us if he needs to be picked up early.

However, I can definitely see battles in the future with Craig!! He's so much like me that it scares me. I was a VERY sneaky teen and not only snuck in late after my parents were asleep but sometimes snuck OUT, too. Thank goodness my kids seem to be more level-headed than I was, but we'll see...

Oh, and I can totally relate on not being able to stay up late! If Jamie did want to stay out past 10, Ken would wait up, I guess - he's more of a night owl.


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