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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello Friend...


{The Hermit, Smart Ass, and some dirty kid in their younger days}
{The Hermit is in the middle, Smart Ass on the right}

Ever hopeful that someone out there will relate to my life, I turn to you, my dear and unknown, but ever so loving friends on the web.

Here’s the skinny. I’m mom to two difficult teenagers (let’s call them The Hermit and Smart Ass). I am wife to the BSer and for the purpose of marital bliss, we'll claim that it stands for big spender. My wonderful BSer has got to be the most needy 50 year-old on the face of the planet.

With this new blog, my goal is to discuss important, cutting-edge topics such as:

• What the hell was my hairdresser talking about when she said this new color would make me look younger and more perky?

• The kids are getting older and Big Spender says I’m working myself out of a job.

• Loving daughter (aka Smart Ass), mean girls, boyfriends, and just basic smart ass stuff. Loving son (aka The Hermit) - too much crap to list in this brief introduction.

• Clothing – and I’m not talking about jeans that are so tight I KNOW that I’ll get some kind of wonky infection, skin-tight tops, five inch heels, thongs, and push-up bras.

• Cooking – Gourmet wanna-be here tries like heck to prepare noteworthy meals like her female counterparts. BSer and Smart Ass are in competition to see who can be more picky. And why, WHY does every meal have to be deeply critiqued?

• Elderly parents – oh yeah, we have indeed become our parents.

• Decorating – the fact that I love to look at it, I love to dream about it, but I just don’t have the freaking energy to do it.

If you’re over 40 - or even if you're not, click on that little button to your immediate right so that it won't look so lonely. I mean, really, check it out. I'm the only one following me.


mrsmckracken said...

Well, I'm only 36 and I'm already asking all those questions, so I probably better come on over!

And picky eaters must rule the world, because I have six of them at my house!

Felt Sew Good said...

Well, I'm over forty too, so I'll join in!

Sue Jackson said...

Over 40 and imperfect? That's me! I also love to cook, and Jamie was just musing tonight how isn't it interesting that he's pickier now than when he was little? Yeah, real interesting. Craig and Ken will eat almost anything, though Ken has a short list of "never, no way" foods.

What a great idea!


Lori said...

Mrs. McKracken, you are my first! I love you and already love and follow your blog as well. Thanks for hopping over. 36 is close enough. :)

Fern said...

LOL! This blog is making me look forward to being 40 :) I needed a laugh today & you gave it to me... super thanks :) I will check back often. Congrats on your new blog :) LOVE IT! And, love the title. (I'm 25)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my kind of blog. As one famous Irishman said, "I Will Follow"


Kathy said...

I am WAY over 40, but this sounds like a heck of a lot of fun!

Barbara Lewis said...

I'm definitely over 40! So, yeah, I qualify! You're a great humorous writer. I look forward to more!

debi said...

I'm not sure I qualify now,since I finally got my gray touched up last nite and my hairdresser said I look twenty years younger! But if you have enough energy to write 2 blogs, I'll muster the energy to read 2 at this ripe old age! Love it.. debi

Lorelei said...

I'm 35. I can relate and I don't have kids yet.. but this made me laugh out loud so I will be following from now on.
you rock!

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